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pad  AGWA
$41.65, 3 for $118.68pad

Agwa de Bolivia Coca Leaf Liqueur is a natural herbal drink made with Bolivian Coca leaf, Amazonian guarana, Chinese ginseng and 34 other herbs inspired by ancient Inca usage. Coca leaf is legally served In the Andes as a tea or chewed in a Matte to reputedly improve oxygen circulation from the heart to the brain at high altitude. Guarana is a time honored stamina stimulant originating in the Amazon and widely used today. The power of Chinese Ginseng recognized by Eastern mystics no longer requires explanation in the West.

AGWA has a unique bittersweet peppery taste with an unusual effect best experienced with fresh limes or dried lime powder. Agwa de Bolivia is distilled and bottled in Holland.

Chimay Grand Reserve Trappist Ale 750ml  
$13.46, 3 for $38.34, 6 for $72.66, 12 for $137.28

"Bright red amber. Moderately full-bodied. Moderate bitterness. Pours with a big creamy off-white head. Fruity, floral hop aromas. Sweetish dark caramel malt flavors expand on the palate with a hint of hoppy bite on the finish and some warmth." -Rated 91, Beverage Tasting Institute

One of the most recognized names in Belgian beer.

Herradura Seleccion Suprema Tequila 750ml
Item Price: $340.00

  Marquis De Sauval XO Armagnac 750ml
Item Price:   $56.95

There are many reasons why you may choose to buy from an Online Liquor Store instead of from a local store. Stores in your area may not have your favorite liquor or you may wish to try a new type of liquor that isn't sold in your region. Buying online can also save you some money when you purchase liquor in bulk instead of buying a single bottle. Whatever your reason, here is where you can buy through the online Liquor Store of  Boutique Liquors. To our valued customers in the United Kingdom U.K. and Europe, we offer fast shipping of your favorite brands.


Glenlivet 18 year Highland Scotch 750ml
Item Price:   $84.95

Schneider Aventinus Eisbock 330ml  
$7.28, 3 for $20.73, 6 for $39.30, 12 for $74.16

Aventinus, the Wheat Doppelbock of Bavaria, has always been known to be the most intense and complex wheat beer in the world. This was the case for the past sixty years, but not anymore... Up until the 1940's, Aventinus was shipped all over Bavaria in containers lacking temperature control. Consequently, the precious drink partially froze during transportation. Unaware that the brew was concentrated by the separation of water from the liquid. People were baffled by this unique version of Aventinus. By chance, the first Aventinus Eisbock was created. Well aware of this story, Hans Peter Drexler, brewmaster of the Schneider brewery, decided to recreate this classic "mistake" in a modern controlled facility. Thus, the Aventinus Eisbock is reborn sixty years later ... Prost!

Lucid Absinthe Refined  

Introducing lucid, Absinthe Supérieure. lucid represents a breakthrough product for the U.S. market, as it is the first true, Grande Wormwood-based Absinthe of its type since before prohibition. Unlike imitators in the U.S. and many of the so-called "Absinthe" products that litter the international markets, lucid is crafted directly from select whole herbs, including Grande Wormwood, and never from cheaper assemblages, macerations, extracts or oils.

Absinthe, first commercialized in the early 1800's, emerged as a powerful icon of freedom during the Belle Époque period, and it was during this time that the highly perfumed spirit reached unparalleled popularity and cult status among the worlds of art, literature, and fashion. Once proclaimed to fuel the fires of creativity, and subsequently demonized, Absinthe has recently reemerged on the world stage as a high quality, fine alcoholic libation recalling those earlier artistic times.

Lucid is formulated by world renowned absinthe expert T.A. Breaux, and is distilled in strict accordance to traditional French methods. Lucid is crafted in the historic Combier distillery, founded in 1834 and designed by Gustave Eiffel in the fabled Loire Valley of France. Each bottle of Lucid is carefully prepared by skilled craftsmen, using ancient copper absinthe alembics. Unlike most contemporary imitators, Lucid is distilled entirely from spirits and European herbs, and uses no artificial additives, oils, or dyes. Lucid recalls the rich tradition of Absinthe, and is crafted using a full measure of Grande Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium), Green Anise, Sweet Fennel, and other fine European herbs traditionally used in making fine Belle Époque absinthe.


To find a reliable online liquor store  is not hard when you have a good recomendation from our web site. If you are looking to buy liquor online such as Scotch, Vodka, Beer, Wine, Hypnotic, Absinthe, Whiskey, Gin, Tequila, and Rum you can buy then at a discount from a duty free store and have them delivered directly to your home. With brand names such as Jagermeister, Jack Daniels, Grey Goose, Four Loko, and others these are all at cheaper prices than your local liquor store. Discount liquor, booze and alcohol comes in a variety of spirits also such as Goldschlager, Baileys and a variety of other hard liquor. When you buy from a online liquor store  you can be sure that the prices will be lower if you order from a duty free store and all product with be brand name and not cheap replicas of the original. You must be over the age of 21 to order from this store. Shop at Duty Free Depot for the best in online alcohol and various products such as cigarettes, cigars, perfumes, and gifts. To our valued European Union customers and England, buy with the confidence of fast shipping.

Shipping Liquor
Step 1
Locate a licensed vendor to ship the bottles. If you purchase from a Liquor Store, it will typically ship the merchandise for you. Before making your purchase, ask if the vendor is licensed to ship alcohol. This is especially important if you are making the purchase from aOnline Liquor Store.

Consider buying insurance for your purchase. This is especially wise if the value of the liquor bottles you ship is high. The price for this service per package is nominal.
Request a signature for your purchase. This will allow you to track the package better if it doesn't arrive at the requested location. This is even more important if the liquor you purchase holds significant value.
Request a tracking number. Most delivery carriers provide tracking numbers. Request that your Liquor Store provide this information so you can have peace of mind that your package is on schedule.
Be prepared to pay duties and taxes. If you are shipping liquor bottles from another country, you may be liable for these fees. Duties can range from 5 to 10 percent; taxes can range from 7 to 17 percent, depending on the country. Each country is a little different, so check with the store from where you purchase the liquor.

The joy of life-- CHAMPAGNE

It was at the end of the 17th century that the Champenois really started to master the sparkle. The wine was no longer the sole prerogative of the clergy and could assume its rightful place as guest of honour at secular festivities. 
Its seductive lightness enchanted and delighted the dilettantes of the 18th century.  Philip of Orléans’wife tells of the passion of the ladies of her time for ‘the wine of the popping corks’.  It was drunk at the intimate suppers at the Palais Royal.  The records that remain show considerable orders from Madame de Pompadour for her outdoor feasts.  No fewer than 1,800 bottles of Champagne were drunk at a masked ball given at the Hôtel de Ville in 1739.

Casanova mentioned Champagne as one of the indispensable accoutrement for his evenings of seduction.


International reputation

The wines of Champagne travelled very early on. Dogged and adventurous Champenois set out to make them known on every continent. The first to become enamoured of these wines were the English.  Champagne became a ‘must’ at the royal court and for dandies like Beau Brummel and Sheridan. When Tsar Alexander I organised a dinner lasting four days in September 1815 during a military parade on the Camp de Vertus in the heart of Champagne, 300 guests were served a menu created by the great French chef Carême and the wines of Champagne were the main accompaniment. Only a few years later, glasses of Champagne were raised in New York and on the coast of California as the New World discovered the delights of these wines.

By the end of the 19th century, the wines of Champagne had gained a reputation throughout the world of being the ideal wines for joyous gatherings to which one wanted to give panache and a touch of class.



The ever-increasing speed of transport, particularly the spread of railways, allowed
Champagne to be at festivities everywhere, but it was in Paris that it became indispensable.  It was served in the cafés on the Grands Boulevards – at the Café Anglais, at the Tour d’Argent, at the Jockey Club and at la Taverne Olympia.  It was ordered by everyone and was called simply ‘Champ’.

After the Franco-Prussian War, it became a democratic drink.  Feydeau and Offenbach mentioned it in works like ‘Take care of Amélie’ while in Johann Strauss’s Die Fledermaus, they sing ‘His Majesty Champagne is King, let us line up under his rule’.  Glasses are also raised in Verdi’s La Traviata.  When the whole of Europe was living in the golden years of the 1920s, those at the height of fashion were prepared to try anything…as long as it included Champagne.  They ordered it in all the most fashionable places – in Paris, Deauville, Biarritz and Monte Carlo.  Of course it was served at all the great society events – Boni de Castellane had Champagne at his parties in his pink marble palace and it was served at the balls of Princess Murat or Clermont-Tonnerre.



When General Eisenhower set up his headquarters in Rheims in February 1945 it was clear that the Liberation of France would be celebrated with Champagne – and what a party that was!

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Champagne has become the wine that unite people and guarantee conviviality.  In most recent years, it has been almost unthinkable to have a celebration without Champagne.  Whatever the occasion, be it an imperial event, like that organised by the late Shah of Iran in the ruins of Persepolis to celebrate the 2,500th anniversary of the creation of the Persian Empire, or more populist such as the celebrations of the bicentenary of the French Revolution or the opening of the 1998 World Cup.  Champagne is present at film festivals, cultural exhibitions, sporting occasions, commemorations and anniversaries.

 To our loyal customers in the European Union the U.K. and Austraila, buy with the confidence of fast global shipping.


Buy Liquor Online


As with almost any product, Premium Liquors, Spirits, Fine Wine and Champagne, can be purchased online. While this can be a convenient alternative to driving to the local liquor store tailer, it also comes with its own set of worries.

Online shopping on its own brings about a new set of perils to consider. There is always the chance that identity theft can occur, as well as having random thieves accessing your credit card numbers, so be aware of what sites you are surfing and which ones you make purchases from. It pays to be an informed consumer in this market.

Shopping for wine has been made quite easy through a number of new websites and wine clubs that host various shopping experiences for the wine enthusiast. Accessories from corkscrews to vintage bottlings can be found via the internet. But be aware of some important factors before purchasing wine online.

The perks associated with buying from a winery that operates on line can be quite numerous. There are definite mark downs on many bottles, as well as the ability to order wines that have not yet been released to the general public. You may also be interested in joining their specific wine club, which will send you various wines each month. This is a bit more risque, as you will not know what you are getting until it arrives, with the fear that you will not like the selection provided. While the price may be enticing, it is best to look into what wines are included in the club membership before joining.

When ordering online, you will find that the shipping charges associated with these well priced bottles can exceed their value. How they are shipped is also a concern, since you do not want your precious cargo to sit around inside a hot transport vehicle in the middle of August.

One other hassle can ruin your shopping experience; shipping restrictions. These will vary, and can become quite complex, so it important to check this out first. Different websites will ship to different areas, at different costs. Some will allow wines to be shipped within the state; others will allow no interstate shipping. There are currently thirty-three states that allow interstate wine shipment from a winery to an adult consumer over the age of twenty-one, within these thirty-three, only twelve allow retailers to provide the same service. This means that you can order directly from a winery that is out of state, but you cannot be shipped wine from an out of state retailer that provides said wine. Seventeen states have made it a felony to ship wine from out of state. These states include: AL, DE, GA, KS, KY, ME, MD, MS, MT, NJ, OK, PA, SD, TN, UT, VT.

Wine websites afford the average wine enthusiast with more then just a line of products. Many will give information about the region that the wine is from, the winery itself, food pairings, and ratings. While this information may be general, many large retailers in your local area can't afford the same customer service. Large bargain wine warehouses or discount retailers are not usually equipped to handle these sorts of questions. With an online retailer that offers various wines, there is no push to sell a particular product, so the buyer never feels pressured towards a certain vintage or region. Online shoppingcan also help the prospective buyer to find what they are looking for, even if they are not quite sure themselves! Access to wine data is important to may buyers, and buying online allows this access to be delivered instantaneously. We offer a variety of wines from Califorina, France, Australia, Germany and around the world.

If you are sure of the type of wine you are looking for, then buy liquor online shopping is no problem. If, as the consumer, you wish to sample before you purchase, then going to the local wine shop is the only alternative. This is one of the most common sentiments when wine enthusiasts are asked to comment on this subject. Many feel that when you buy liquor online,takes away from the dignity of the wine experience. Others feel that it is ridiculous to feel this way, and wish that all states would allow wine to be shipped nationally, especially since the number of websites has assured many patrons the availability of hard to locate wines. At Boutique Liquors when you purchase liquor online you will find only the Premium Liquors, Spirits, Fine Wines and Champagne from around the world delivered to your home.



Federal law forbids minors to send or receive alcoholic beverages. The legal drinking age in the United States is 21 years of age. Violators will be presecuted to the fullest extent of the law. users of this website must agree to these terms. An adult signature and identification is required upon product delivery.